쓸개증, 담낭증

English-Korean animal medical dictionary. 2013.

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  • cholecystosis — cho·le·cys·to·sis (ko″lə sis toґsis) [cholecyst + osis] any noninflammatory disease of the gallbladder …   Medical dictionary

  • hyperplastic cholecystosis — abnormal increase in cellular structure of the gallbladder …   Medical dictionary

  • Gallbladder polyp — Gallbladder Polyps are growths or lesions resembling growths (polypoid lesions) in the wall of the gallbladder. True polyps are abnormal accumulations of mucous membrane tissue that would normally be shed by the body. The main types of polypoid… …   Wikipedia

  • cholecystopathy — Disease of the gallbladder. * * * cho·le·cys·top·a·thy (ko″lə sis topґə the) [cholecysto + pathy] any gallbladder disease; see also cholecystitis and cholecystosis …   Medical dictionary

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